Online Casino. A virtual version of the bricks-and-mortar casino has risen to fame in late 2000 though conservative gamblers seemed hesitant to try it. There was a stigma before that everything done online might be an internet virus carrier, cyber scammers, cyber thieves, and many others which brought forth scare to most punters at that time. For that reason, the casino operators became vigilant and installed sophisticated firewalls for the protection of their loyal clients.

How did Online casinos become popular?

The advancement of technology like AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) and the innovation of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets prompted the popularity of online casinos. Moreover, the internet boom seemed to be pervading and it became part of people’s lifestyle. More and more young people and yuppies got interested in online gambling and the demand for it skyrocketed before the year 2020 hit.

Turbulent time hit late 2019 until the lockdown period during the year 2020 made people realize the beauty of wagering online. The market of online casinos tripled and thus became the game-changer of the industry not just in video games but also in the world of betting.

Gambling industry in Finland

Since the very first slot machine for Germany came to Finland back in the 1920s, never was a time that people ever had a chance not to be involved in gambling. You see, Finns are happy people and they love entertainment a lot. Gambling has already been part of their culture so the very first entity, the largest authority in the world of gambling, Ray was established. Its main role is to control the ins and outs of the casino. Ray was one of the gambling monopolies in the country and is best known for slot machines.

Later came Veikkaus Oy, responsible for the lottery, instant win games, and sports betting. Fintoto Oy, responsible for horse racing and the PAF or Ålands Penningautomatförening , based in Alands islands and is responsible for the provincial Casinos and cruise ships going to the Baltic Sea. Some of the gambling proceeds though go to Art, charities and, Science

At present, because of the breakthrough of technology, wagering seems to be more and more popular especially since people can just place their bets anytime, anywhere using their mobile phones.

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